Artist Info

I am a photographer steeped in all aspects and history of the medium. With a Mercurial disposition, my explorations in photography flit from one idea to another and back again. As a photographer, I have always been drawn to the moment of image-making - of light impressing upon silver, as a contemplative exercise where synchronicity exists between that which lies within and the outward perception. Using traditional and new imaging techniques alike, I like to find a process that suits the needs of the work at hand.

I graduated from Tisch School of the Arts in 1996 with a BFA in Photography, as well as double majoring in Cultural Anthropology. In 2003, I was awarded a Master of Arts in Social Anthropology from The University of Manchester (UK). I spent the late 90's and 2000s teaching photography, graphic design, video, and animation. Since leaving New York, I have also worked as an administrator for educational and not-for-profit organizations. In 2010, I began working at Full Circle Fine Art Services in Baltimore and in May 2016, purchased the company.